All of your prenatal care information in a flash


USBytes Baby – FREE for our patients!HWHC_USBytes_ILOBGYN_image

Heartland Women’s Healthcare proudly introduces the ultimate accessory
to motherhood; meet USBytes, a brand new concept in prenatal care.
USBytes is a USB bracelet with accompanying software which contains all
of the information pertaining to your pregnancy. This includes:

+ prenatal care information
+ ultrasound images
+ 4d video of the baby
+ password protected medical records and more!

Compatible with all PCs and requiring only a PDF reader to use, you can
quickly save ultrasound images pertaining to your pregnancy on your computer,
or share them with family and friends!

Image having all of your prenatal care information at the flick of a wrist!

Instructions for Use

Step 1. Plug your USBytes Prenatal Bracelet into the USB port of your computer.

System Requirements: The USB is compatible with a PC running Windows XP Sp2 or above and .Net Framework 2.0 or above. It requires a PDF reader.
At this time, it is NOT compatible with Apple.

Step 2. When the Auto Play menu appears, select “open folder to view files.”

Double click on USBytes.
Updates: Always click “Yes” if a new version of USBytes is available. When downloading, DO NOT remove the drive until the download is complete or the drive will become unusable.

Step 3. Register your bracelet.

Click “Register” on the top column. Select “New Registration” from the drop down menu. Complete all required information and click “Register.”
This gives us the opportunity to send you messages and to download your medical records onto your bracelet when you are away from the office.

When do I need it?
Bring it to every appointment.
What happens if I lose it?
If you lose the bracelet, you can’t retrieve any previous ultrasounds or the 4D video from the lost from the lost bracelet. You can purchase a new bracelet for $10.
Ultrasound Images:
The images from your initial, 20 & 32 week ultrasound will be uploaded onto your bracelet along with the 4D video. The “Save Images” button on the left hand side of the menu will automatically save images to your desktop when clicked. You may then share images through email or upload to your local photo lab. We recommend printing images at Walgreens.
Due to Walmart’s system limitations, we cannot print images with Walmart at this time.
OB Records:
OB records will be put on the USB at the 20, 32 & 37 week appointment (or visit after GBS). The file will be password protected with your full social security number as the password.
Help & Locations:
As long as the USBytes bracelet is connected to a device that has internet access, the locations tab will be directed to our website with a list of all of our locations.

*The bracelet is NOT waterproof
*Copy any of your own photos to your USBytes bracelet
*If you have any questions regarding your USBytes bracelet, please email