Meet Our Providers

At Heartland Women’s Healthcare, we have many providers from many different backgrounds which allows any patient to find a caring professional they can relate to. We encourage our patients to meet as many providers as possible and select the special ones a bond was formed with to rotate obstetrics appointments. We are confident our patients with gynecologic needs will find a particular provider to care for their needs.

Please select a provider below to find out more about the individual professionals at Heartland Women’s Healthcare.


Nanci Bucy, DO – Lake St. Louis
Carrie Carda, MD – Poplar Bluff
Joseph Fernando, MD – Poplar Bluff
Jenny Pennycook, MD – Lake St. Louis, Wentzville
Emily Sammons, MD – Lake St. Louis
Pamela Sullivan, MD – Lake St. Louis
Jane Vesel, CNM – Lake St. Louis
Carrera Williams, FNP – Poplar Bluff
P. Douglas Young, Jr., MD – Wentzville


Todd Albright, MD – Centralia, Marion, Mount Vernon, Shiloh
Angela Barber, MD – Greenville
Elisabeth Beyer Nolen, MD – Benton, Carbondale, Carmi, Centralia, Greenville, Marion, Metropolis, Mount Vernon
Don Bishop, MD – Carbondale
Emily Boyd, MD – Shiloh, Sparta
Shannon Cantu Santloli, CNM – Carbondale, Harrisburg, Marion, Metropolis, Pinckneyville
Amanda Carroll, DO – Carbondale, Centralia, Chester, Du Quoin, Greenville, Marion
Debra Carson, DO – Benton, Centralia, Flora, Nashville, Pinckneyville, Salem
Kimberly Carter, DO – Greenville, Shiloh, Sparta
Michael Covlin, MD – Centralia, Effingham, Fairfield, Greenville, Mount Vernon, Shiloh
Elizabeth George, MD – Shiloh
Shalisa Henson, CNM – Centralia, Nashville, Salem
Pamela Jellen, CNM – Carbondale, Harrisburg, Marion, Metropolis, Pinckneyville
Scott Joyner, DO – Benton, Carbondale, Centralia, Greenville, Harrisburg, Marion, Mount Vernon
Susan Lock, CNM – Greenville
Susan Massey, CNM – Mount Vernon
Steven Mathus, MD – Belleville
Andrew Mayo, MD – Shiloh
Tasha Meyer, CNM – Centralia, Shiloh
Barenya Mukerji, MD – Carbondale, Marion
Frank Mussemann, MD – Belleville
Helen Mussemann, MD – Belleville
Elizabeth Nolker, CNM – Belleville, Shiloh
Marion Reyes, CNM – Belleville, Shiloh, Sparta
Sara Rubenacker, MD – Benton, Mount Vernon
Anja Schifano, WHNP – Shiloh
Michael Schifano, DO – Centralia, Effingham, Greenville, Marion, Mount Vernon, Shiloh
Amanda Shelton Barton, CNM – Carmi, Fairfield, Harrisburg, Mount Vernon, West Frankfort
Jennifer Shopinski, CNM – Belleville, Carbondale, Centralia, Du Quoin, Marion, Pinckneyville, Shiloh
Stephanie Skelly, MD – Belleville, Shiloh, Waterloo
Marla Smith, FNP – Belleville, Waterloo
Karie Stewart, CNM – Carbondale, Harrisburg, Marion
Shannon Waller Davis, CNM – Belleville, Shiloh, Sparta
David Walters, MD – Centralia, Effingham, Greenville, Mount Vernon
Donna Walters, CNM – Mount Vernon
Ashley Wittler, WHNP – Belleville, Shiloh
Trina Yenne, WNHP – Centralia, Fairfield, Harrisburg, Marion, Mount Vernon, Shiloh